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Connor Jay Liess' new single "Little Moon" out now

Boise, IDAHO – The latest single from Connor Jay Liess, "Little Moon" is now streaming on all platforms, including YouTube and Spotify. The track was recorded and produced at Trapper's Attic Records.

Little Moon was written and recorded by Liess earlier this year, and features the Idaho balladeer on vocals as well as guitar, bass, harmonica and organ.

"I can't seem to ever break away from nostalgic themes," Liess said. "This one's a little different from the usual 1800s Idaho ballads — you know, with the rockets and all — but it still taps into that dreamy, melancholic emotion when the world is trying to pull you in a direction you don't want to go."

Folks can stream Little Moon on whichever streaming site they prefer. An official music video is set to release sometime in the coming months.

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Little Moon

I found our picture the other day

The one my mother took and framed

You kids have fun tonight, she said

Oh, what I’d give to be young again

All sage and gray, I swear, I’m the same old man

I’ve kept that silver ring in a jar of shells and sand

They say it’s coming any day

All the Christians say they’re saved

But even God has joined the race

And bought a residence in space

The train’s long died and the planes are boarded up

All the families band together, but mine don’t call that much

Did you leave the Delaware Bay?

I saw the coast was blown away

I’d like to see you, if that’s alright?

The nurse’s leave the van at night

Each day another billionaire buys shelter in the skies

We could find our own little moon and call it whatever you like

I’ve never seen a cloud so mean

The wipers keep the window clean

There’s people melting on the street

And so much country I wish I’d seen

We went our separate ways, I regret it all my life

And all I’ve to show for it is cotton hair and pride

I’ve gone as far as I can go with this nail in the tire

We coulda had a little moon and watched the world expire

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