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Want to dive down the rabbit hole of all things American Roots music? Here, allow us to help. 

I've spent the last 9 years adding to these playlsits. During that time, I've come to find a lot of roots music — bluegrass, folk, honky tonk, mountain music, etc. These playlists are the result of meticulous curation of more than 4,000 songs that have pleased my ear. Although quite expansive, these playlists are most certainly not static. I am ever-tweaking them, adding or cutting like an anal-retentive beaver. As always, thanks for putting an ear to Trapper's Attic Records.

Idaho Folk Songs and Ballads
Rangeland Country
Modal Mountain Music
The Holler
Finger Pickin' Good
Misty Mountain Pop
The Gunslinger
Hot Hits from 1800s
American Roots _ Bluegrass, Frontier Ballads & American Folk Standards
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