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Connor Jay Liess is a singer-songwriter, Idaho balladeer, and roadkill mortician. His songs and stories aim to bridge the gap between a festering modern world and an evaporating timelapse of woodsmanship, gold prospecting, railroad engineers, and men and women of the American frontier.


Since he was a teenager, he has been on a never-ending migration back to the days when people lived closer to the land, passed stories around a fire or supper table, and weren’t laden with the stupidity of social media trends and politics. He has always felt disconnected from the modern age and uses his songs and stories to retreat deep into a reclusive asylum full of crackling vinyl, chirping songbirds, and resonant banjos.


Connor Jay Liess currently lives in Idaho, where he works as an outdoor writer and founder of Trapper’s Attic Records. 

Trapper's Attic Conceptual Album Artwork_FINAL VERSION.jpg
Connor Jay Liess - Know You Rider - Cover Artwork - 1080x1080.jpg
Connor Jay Liess - Goat Farm - Album Artwork-50% Scale.jpg
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Signing Off
Trapper's Attic - Single - Artwork 1000x1000.jpg
HIGHBALL BRUISER - 4-8-4 Blues (Single)
HIGHBALL BRUISER - I Heard That Lonesome Whistle (Single) - 1000x1000px.jpg
HIGHBALL BRUISER - Train Train (single) - 1000x1000.jpg
1000x1000 - HIGHBALL BRUISER - Album Artwork.jpg
Gobblin Tom Curd_FINAL
Little Moon - Cover Artwork - low res.jpg
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