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Many fine human beings have graced Trapper's Attic Records and supported the independent label either with their time in the studio, their guidance, or their wallets. Trapper's Attic and its music would never have been possible without these generous folks. 

The Aldape Bootstompers
Mark Stolpe
Christy Rezaii
Ethan Mansfield
Jolie Blue
Dry Buck
Adam Straubinger
Matt Skipper
Dave Manion
Jason Homey
Adam Engel
Matt Smith
Connor Burke
Brandon Lane
Grayson Gable
Kim Ray

Dave Skipper
Rand Thompson
Lightning Doug Jenkins
Austin Clark

Nich Riveland
Nathan Vital
Gary Eller
Charlie Sutton
Sef Idle

Grandma Montest Sholes
Madelline Liess
Jeff & Tandi Liess
Papa Jay & Mamie Sholes
Haley Adams
Kurt Schmidt

Becky Jergenson
Boston Topping
Eileen Fuller
Jeff Smith
Ashley Bradford-Thompson
Fatty McGhee
Dexter Rezaii
Garret Smith
Bud Broderick
Matt Mayo
Matt Gilbert
Diego Marquez
Sef Idle
Steve Looy
Jarrod Torkelson

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