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Aldape Bootstompers_Old TinType Trail Cr

The Aldape Bootstompers are a Boise-based band of Idaho mountain music hounds that were conceived in the mountains outside of Boise. Taking their name from the summit on which they first plucked some strings and put down a bottle of Crow as they discussed various Americana and bluegrass musicians, the Aldape Bootstompers — composed of Connor Jay Liess, Christy Rezaii, “Mustang” Mark Stolpe, and Ethan Mansfield — play an assortment of Americana music, including bluegrass, folk, and old-time mountain traditionals. We'll play you a sappy love ballad if you ask us nicely, but we prefer the darker numbers, grimy folk steeped in murderin, druggin, whiskey lovin', adulteratin, coffin crackin, boot stompin arrangements.

Trapper's Attic Conceptual Album Artwork_FINAL VERSION.jpg
Aldape Bootstompers - In the Pines [12x12 Single Artwork].jpg
Log Jammin' with the Aldape Bootstompers Album Cover Option 02_2.3.jpg
Bolo Ties & Whiskey Eyes - The Aldape Bootstompers - Cover artwork - brown and gold.jpg
1000x1000 - HIGHBALL BRUISER - Album Artwork.jpg
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