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trapper's  attic  trading  co.

skull cleaning
and roadkill taxidermy


Long before it was a small, independent record label, Trapper's Attic has been meticulously cleaning skulls and scooping up roadkill for various folks in the Treasure Valley. I've always been fascinated by taxidermy, and through many trials and errors have learned a decent amount of skills that go all the way back to the earliest of mountain folk. In 2019, I scooped up my first roadkilled doe and built my first stretching frame in hopes of preserving its hide. 

Currently, I'm only accepting the following:

  • Skull boiling/cleaning/bleaching (from trophy bucks to pine squirrels)

  • Roadkill pickup

  • Antler trading

I don't have the space or equipment anymore to do large-scale skinning and tanning projects at this time. I have never and will never accept money (cash) for animal projects; I have nothing against folks that do, but as an amateur taxidermist and a feller who doesn't like to see monetary amounts associated with wildlife, I accept only trades. 

If you're interested in getting a skull cleaned for a euromount, give me a holler!

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