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After 3 years, The Chuckwagons announce their retirement

BOISE, Id. — After nearly 3 years of playing vintage country rock around the Treasure Valley, The Chuckwagons are announcing they will no longer perform live. The band — with Matthew Skipper on electric guitar, Mark Stolpe on bass, and Connor Jay Liess on vocals/guitar — will be performing their final show on Tuesday, Aug. 22 at Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell.

"It has been a really fun couple of years, exploring vintage country music, listening to obscure truck-driving artists like Dave Dudley, and seeing Matt and Mark dive into the genre with me," Liess said. "I've gotten as much mileage out of these country tires as I'd like to. It's time to focus on other horizons. I know Matt and Mark thoroughly enjoyed the project, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them take the stage wearing Stetsons again in the future."

The Chuckwagons are greatly appreciative of the support the fine people of Southern Idaho (and Eyebrow, Saskatchewan) have shown.

Happy trails, Chuckwagons.

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