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Dry Buck's debut single, 'Lonesome in the Moonlight,' set to release December 9

Being Dry Buck’s first release, “Lonesome In The Moonlight” is the perfect high lonesome hook. This single will be available for streaming on Dec. 9.

The track was written by our very own David Skipper, who manages to capture some of that Stanley Brothers magic in his own way through his vocal delivery. It was his first attempt at such an endeavor, and I’d say that he struck gold the first time.

Rand Thompson sings lead on the verse of the song, while Dave jumps up to hit the high tenor that is the trademark of the genre. Mark Stolpe provides his thumping bass lines for the song, keeping all of us honest. Jason Homey plinks his heart out to a banjo part that brings you back to the days of the 45, giving an honest charm to the track. Treasure Valley legend “Lightnin’” Doug Jenkins bows his fiddle in such a smooth way that will give you all sorts of feelings inside, though he’ll tell you that he’s just “doing his best." Matt Skipper provides mandolin on the track, and 'does his best' to fill in the gaps.

This project has been an absolute joy to work on, and we hope that you enjoy this debut track from Boise's own bona-fide bluegrass grou, Dry Buck..

As always, thanks for putting an ear to our music.

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