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The latest release from Canadian folk legend Jolie Blue and Idaho's Trapper's Attic Records.


“A Bushel From Boise” by Jolie Blue — the first ever international Trapper’s Attic Records release — is now available on CD for your ear holes! What you’re about to hear is 3 days’ worth of some of the best times I’ve ever had making music. This little EP brings you a half dozen tracks, from Jolie Blue to John Prine. The friendship that sprouted many years ago in the comments section of a Little Jack Films video has blossomed into 33 hectares of pure brotherly love, and it shows on this album.


  1. Keepin' Nora Waitin' (Stompin' Tom Connors)
  2. Whole Lot Tougher (Jolie Blue)
  3. In Spite Of Ourselves (John Prine)
  4.  Dreary in  McCreary - Sadder Version (Jolie Blue)
  5. Ski-Doo Cool (Cat McGurk)
  6. The Eyebrow Song (Jolie Blue)


Produced By: Trapper’s Attic Records

Recorded and mixed by Connor Jay Liess and Trapper’s Attic Records in Boise, Idaho

Copyright: ©2024 Trapper’s Attic Records and Jolie Blue

A Bushel From Boise - CD

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